New colours for Portalia interior doors
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    Portalia – our signature brand

    Our Portalia (CPL) interior doors are integrated solutions that combine top performance – cost ratio, with the highest aesthetic quality and functionality standards. Exceptional configuration features include a sliding or externally sliding option, articulated fitting option, added glass panels and a wide choice of handles, that complement the double adjustable hinge options, with an aluminum handle and a synthetic latch that eliminates any closing sound.

    Featuring an innovative, sleek design, Portalia doors have gradually won over consumers, meeting all needs, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic quality and architectural compatibility, thanks to their wide variety of colours and styles.


    New additions

    We have enriched our colour choices, now offering 10 colours, including 4 new ones. The rosewood gray, the Noce Alter warm brown, the ice oak, and the signature Olmo Cenere gray have come to complete a wide range, offering you the choice of your ideal colour that suits your taste and the particular needs of your door fitting point.

    Palissandros Grey
    Noce Alter
    Interior doors, Wooden, Home
    Olmo Cenere
    Ice Oak


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