NEW PRODUCT: Insulating synthetic mounted head box, 18.5
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    Installing your roller shutters

    Either to shade and protect your site, or for large-scale installations, such as closed parking lot entrances, the headbox is one of the most important parts when installing your roller shutters. However discreet it may be, this part is actually very important.

    In addition to protecting the roller shutters themselves, and actually adorning the fitting spot, the headbox is an important part of your installation for one more reason. Selecting the wrong headbox may downgrade the energy class of your site, since the absence of thermal insulation properties could expose a large part of the vertical surface to external temperatures, leading to heat loss.


    Our choices

    For this reason, we pay attention to every slightest detail of our products, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic quality, to deliver the best results. Furthermore, we constantly enrich our product range, to meet the specific needs of each site and mounting point, in the best possible way.

    We offer a wide choice of headboxes, both from aluminum and uPVC, and a wide range of types, including mounted, external or garage door headboxes, for more demanding installations. We also offer an equally wide range of sizes, to meet all roller shutter application needs, from the smallest window coverage sites to more demanding closed parking lot entrances.

    Our new headbox 18.5

    We are pleased to announce our new affordable insulating synthetic mounted headbox 18.5 solution. It is an ideal option for roller shutters requiring a 18.2cm high and 20cm wide headbox, with 15cm flange.
    Its material delivers great endurance over time, to protect the roller shutters themselves, while the addition of feliblok expanded polystyrene leads to complete elimination of heat loss, thanks to its thermal insulating coating.
    As for the last one, reinforced thermal insulation on the inner part of the headbox has been developed to prevent heat loss, even when loss is at a maximum, when the shutters are closed.


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