Thermoplastiki Green Line

GreenLine window and door frames are for life. This ultimately is a more economical solution compared to less expensive alternatives with a short life-cycle. Moreover, it is the most efficient way to protect the environment, since when something does not need to be replaced it does not burden the environment.

GreenLine window and door frames continue to be functional and maintain their form for a long period of time, while their maintenance cost is low. Consequently, one not only saves time and money but also has a positive impact on the environment. GreenLine window and door frames have now introduced new technology in an area where there have been great controversies: the need for environmentally friendly stabilizers. Window and door frames must meet certain high standards as regards their efficiency, which must be far greater than that of conventional PVC window and door frames.

Their endurance in bad weather and ultra-violet rays plays a detrimental role in the life-cycle of window and door frames. Whereas in the beginning this was achieved with the use of undissolved embedded cadmium and later with lead additives, GreenLine has now introduced environmentally friendly stabilizers which have as their basis calcium and zinc-achieving at the same time the same or even better quality window and door frames.
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