Sustainability &
    Circular Economy



    Our main mission is constantly protecting as well as taking care of both our people and the environment, by pioneering through the construction and the production of quality products. Following the Circular Economy principles, we create valuable solutions that endure through time and use, minimizing waste production, while promoting recycling and sustainable development.


    Adapting to the future, investing in innovation and adopting green policies are an integral part of our strategy.


    uPV​C & Aluminum

    The waste (scrap) is collected and recycled by licensed partners. Both materials are 100% recyclable, with a long life-cycle.

    sustainability- upvc-aluminum

    Packaging Recycling

    Investing in machines such as the compression press of cartons and nylon packages, adequately prepares their collection and recycling.

    sustainability- compress - paper

    Glass Recycling

    The company collects and sends for recycling, the scrap from the glass panes production.


    Insulating Materials

    Thermoplastiki SA produces environmentally friendly and fully recyclable insulating products with significant contribution to the reduction of the energy footprint.

    sustainability- insulating- materials

    Recycle Bins

    We have integrated the principles of Sustainable Development into the daily routines of our employees, aiming to constantly promote the recycling of stationery, batteries, etc.

    sustainability- recycle

    New Investments

    We constantly invest in infrastructure and equipment, such as the Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Machine which converts waste into inflows.

    sustainability- new- investments

    Hybrid Cars

    We recognize our responsibility towards both society and the environment so we invest in hybrid company cars.

    sustainability- hybrid

    The future is in our hands.


    We manufacture composite (uPVC) and Aluminum windows and doors that combine sustainability, quality and high architectural aesthetics.


    We produce Certified thermal insulation products, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, subject to continuous quality controls.

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