Refreshed and new look for WEBER thermal insulation materials
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    40 new more vibrant and bright colours with the use of HSP technology


    To create an integrated external insulation system with the novablok and feliblok products, Thermoplastiki collaborates with the company Saint-Gobain, choosing the products of the weber series. The two companies share the same passion for upgrading the products and services they offer to end consumers and it comes as no surprise that the weber series is renewed with unique additions, especially it terms of the final look of the thermal insulation system.

    Saint-Gobain launched new paint coatings and two different bases for each series of coatings, improving the final look of the external thermal insulation system. The new finishing consists of a new composition with exceptional durability both in cold winter conditions and in extensive exposure to heat and solar radiation, specially certified by QUV accelerated weathering tests and Q-SUN xenon tests, while at the same time the final colour is also significantly improved.

    The new composition

    The new base composition allows for better colour rendering, now offering a choice between white (BC) and neutral colour base (BN), to achieve the ultimate aesthetic result, making colours more vivid and brighter.
    In terms of colour coatings, their list has been enriched by 40 additional codes, all of which are upgraded both as regards composition and the end result. This new composition makes it even easier to apply, with a creamy texture for even better coverage and colour, even on a gray basis. All the above are the result of new pigments, produced with HSP technology, a technology that offers exceptional stability to colour.


    You will find the new advanced weber products as complimentary components to the thermal Insulation systems of Thermoplastiki, based on our novablok and feliblok products, while they will be marketed in their new packaging, with double labels and new names, fully descriptive as to the colour of the product they represent. Finally, weber materials combined with feliblok and feliblok plus are a certified external thermal insulation system (ETICS).


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