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    There comes a time when change is unavoidable. This year we celebrate our 45th anniversary of constant presence in the framing industry, and presence is the actual point of change. But let’s take a different look. To develop an integrated frame and fit it properly an entire procedure is required, and even more, a number of factors should be considered: From the specific needs of the fitting site, aesthetic quality features and practical necessary factors, up to the choice of the right glass panel. And sometimes, when the time is past and modernization is required, the system should be upgraded or replaced. That’s the case for a corporate profile as well.

    We are pleased to welcome you to our new website, featuring a new image, but mostly, a new philosophy. Through our new website, we would like to show visitors our corporate values, using a clear-cut profile and an absolutely coherent concept: Direct access – straightforward presence. Those are the priorities that drive the development of our website structure and the details of available interface capacities.


    Structure with character

    When developing our website, we use a visitor-friendly approach, providing direct access to all of our products and a full description of their features and actual image. By easily browsing and even exploring product combinations, visitors can get an overview and gather all necessary information on the installation of our products to their sites, to meet their particular needs in the most comprehensive way.
    But that’s not all. There is a Contact feature on every part of our new website, to help you ask our experts any specialised question you may have. Our philosophy includes assisting you, by providing complete answers and integrated solutions to any issue related to all of our products, thermal insulation systems, and their installation.


    One step closer to you

    We open up to online communication, by intensifying our presence on social media; our Facebook page is now taking the lead in communicating information to the public, as well as a means of interaction. Our goal is to stand by our visitors, friends, consumers and product users by all means.


    New approach

    Our communication approach started out with our proposal to Artware for changing our logo and developing a new website. By presenting all information and developing our new communication philosophy, we went on to define all those values we wished to communicate, and started developing an ambitious communication plan. Based on this plan, the development of our new website highlighted the comprehensive display of our products and services; for this reason, we took pictures of each one of them, counting more than 5,000 shots in total.


    In view of this integrated framework, we invite you to be a part of our new online beginning. We hold to our policy of an open, straightforward means of communication – no glamorizing or generalities – that shows the true image of all our products and services. We are exclusively driven by our wish to meet all customers’ needs.


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