Advanced window frames with energy efficient glass panes Solar More: The best combination
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    Thermoplastiki is an integrated manufacturer of uPVC and aluminum frames. One of the most important parameters of manufacture is the energy savings of the premises where they will be installed. For this purpose, Thermoplastiki offers frames that are compatible with the strictest PassiveHouse and Energy House (Near Zero Energy Building) standards, which require minimum pre-determined energy demand and provide comfort, cost efficiency and environmental protection. Could the exceptional performance of the frame be enough to fully achieve top energy saving standards?

    You can guess the answer, but allow us to elaborate. When completing a home after choosing the right frames, the next step is to select the right glass pane, which will complete the window or the balcony door. In particular, when it comes to choosing energy efficient products, special attention is required event to what one might call “obvious details”. This is especially true for the glass panes you choose to place in the window frames of the house. Making the right choice when selecting an energy efficient-glass pane could greatly increase the multiple benefits.

    These multiple benefits refer to money saving, the upgrading of space and everyday life and the ecological awareness and environmental protection. For this reason, Thermoplastiki suggests the advanced energy efficient glass panes Solar More, which dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the frames.

    The technology of Solar More glass panes is exclusively and fully associated with the manufacture of frames by Thermoplastiki. By adding argon inert gas between the glass panes and the Thermix warm edge spacers, the Ug factor is improved; at the same time, however, the properties of the final set can be enhanced, choosing to install a double, triple or triplex energy efficient glass pane. For these reasons, Thermoplastiki uses Solar More energy efficient glass panes solely to create a new window or door system, thus creating the top combination of advanced energy efficient applications.

    How do Solar More glass panes work?

    The engineering of Solar More energy efficient glass panes is based on two key features: First, the transparent metal coating, which covers the inside inaccessible surface of the glass pane, and second, the addition of argon inert gas between the Solar More glass panes. Argon gas is an innovative application in the field of thermal insulation, increasing the thermal permeability properties of double Solar More energy efficient glass panes, by 25% per glass pane.

    What do Solar More energy efficient glass panes achieve?

    Upon their installation, Solar More energy efficient glass panes reduce the percentage of sunlight that penetrates them and enters the room, up to the ideal 71%. In terms of sunlight heat, this percentage further reduced to 40%, as indicated by the corresponding Solar Factor, which stands at 0.44. Finally, a special reference should be made to the U-Value coefficient, which indicates the amount of heat that penetrates the glass panes of a frame and is lost. The Solar More energy efficient glass pane system achieves a Ug coefficient of 1.1 and 0.6 W/(m2K) with the addition of Argon gas in double and triple glazed panes respectively.

    Technical terms apart, let us see the real benefits throughout the year. During the cold months of autumn and winter, Solar More glass panes eliminate cold spots, namely, all those cold points created by the exposed surfaces, applying heat protection layers and stopping any heat loss or entry of cold air. Cost efficiency is equally important, as the top thermal protection and the elimination of losses, drastically contribute to a substantial reduction in space heating costs. As a result, the top reduction in energy consumption greatly improves the ecological footprint of the building, while maintaining the temperature of the space on the surface of the glass pane prevents the formation of humidity on the inside of glass panes.
    Similarly, during the hotter months of Spring and Summer, the temperature of your space remains stable, as the thermal protection of Solar More energy efficient glass panes prevents the heat of the sun from entering, keeping the cool interior air unaffected. Respectively, cost efficiency is also achieved in this case too, as thermal protection eliminates losses, drastically contributing to a substantial reduction of the cost for cooling by air-conditioning. As a result, the top reduction in energy consumption significantly improves ecological footprint of the building, also providing UV protection, as Solar More energy efficient glass panes, with the addition of Argon inert gas in the inner inaccessible side, prevent the penetration of UV solar radiation in the space.


    Tip: Combine frames and Solar More energy efficient glass panes by Thermoplastiki with external thermal insulation systems based on the novablok xps and feliblok eps thermal insulation materials, to achieve an integrated energy-shielding solution for every building, new or old alike.


    Don’t forget: Solar More energy efficient glass panes are also manufactured as triplex glass, adding extraordinary security and protection against uncertain internal and external factors.


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